Trip de ski de randonnées aux Iles Lofoten - Norvège



“KAM-CHAT-KA !!! My favourite destination”

Kamchatka (land of bears) is the land of extremes with a wealth of immense territories.

At the end of this volcanic peninsula, located at the extreme east of Siberia, wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, a unique journey awaits us.
This is more than just a heliskiing holiday. Rather, it is a fantastic adventure in a very special territory. Imagine skiing on volcanoes and fjords and taking your shoes off on the pebble beaches of the North Pacific. On board the famous MI 8, a mythical Russian helicopter, let yourself slide and guide to discover this exceptional territory.

With a partnershp with Heliski Russia, a pioneering agency and specialist in heliskiing in Kamchatka, I can offer you a variety of different stays:

  • FIRE and ICE to learn about and discover this exceptional area
    from 6750 euros
  • WILD EAST DISCOVERY to venture even further in the discovery, an authentic journey…
    from 8500 euros
  • BIG VOLCANO skiing the big volcanoes,sports descents….
    from 9900 euros

Description sheets on request


The Heliskiing destination in Europe !

The Kaçkar Massif, is located in the North East of Turkey. It is an ideal playground for heliskiing. All the assets are gathered for a magnificent stay, the quality of the snow, regular snowfalls all winter long and above all a fantastic vastness and variety of terrain.

The density and configuration of the valleys offers infinite possibilities of runs.

From the base located in the village of AYDER, at an altitude of 1100 m, we will explore different valleys every day. Between 3600 m and 1200 m altitude, we will ski in mainly open terrain, with a few runs in the forest.

Thanks to my Swiss friends and the Héliski-pro agency, I offer heliskiing holidays from mid-January to mid-March, just a stone’s throw from your home.

  • Classic stay from 7,250 euros/each
    • Private stay from 7,950 euros/each

Description sheets on request

Voyage organisé héliski en Turquie avec Pure Ski Guiding - Denis Ailloud


Between sea and mountain, the must for ski touring !

Situated in the north of Norway, above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands are a wonderful place to play and get away from it all.

It is in a sumptuous and unique setting with steep mountains rising from the sea, overlooking deep fjords with their picturesque colourful villages that we will spend our days.
With altitude differences of 600 to 1200 meters, the arrivals at the summits reserve us exceptional panoramas.

After having fully enjoyed its unique landscapes we will let ourselves slide down to the seaside . Depending on the conditions and motivations of each person, we can reach two summits in a day before returning to our home port, a warm lodge by the sea, where it will be good to relax, laugh and recover from the unforgettable days.

Tariffs: from 2,700 euros/each


And why not even further !!!!

Trips in preparation :

  • The GROENLAND ski/sailing trip aboard La Louise
  • CHILE’S VOLCANS in ski touring or heliskiing
  • NEPAL in Heliskiing

And all the other countries where you can slide …

Let’s live an experience
unforgettable together!

Helicopters, ski touring, ski lifts… everything is allowed to hunt in good conditions.
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